Movie review: When in Rome – What can change life, but magic?

So… once upon a time, every second movie that came out was a love flick. Well, nowadays, they are a lot scarcer, although not as much as some other genres such as real horrors and maybe classic action movies. Even when a ‘romantic’ one comes into theaters it often is quite the opposite of fun, intriguing and positive. However, When in Rome is a lot different.

Although many said a lot of bad words and gave negative critics on the movie I must be sincere and say that I enjoyed it. Yes, I am not a fan of the genre, but who doesn’t like a light comedy from time to time? This is exactly what this one is.

The story starts from the Big Apple and our main character Beth. She is a curator at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and a pretty good one because we understand that she is the main person responsible for a very special evening at the venue. But work is not all; her life also involves others – the search of the perfect love and her family. These two cross when while attending the wedding party of her younger sister in Rome, Beth grabs some of the coins thrown into an Italian “fountain of love”. Where is the love you might ask? Well, the deal is that stealing such objects has its own mystery and myth – if you steal someone’s coin, you will gain their love. Until you return the coin to the man, they will love you forevermore.

So when Beth returns to New York her life takes an incredible U-turn. Few men have followed her from Italy and continuingly stalk her, guided by their love for her. The artist Antonio (Will Arnett), the self-centered model Gale (Dax Shepard), the awkward illusionist Lance (Jon Heder) and the quite older than her sausage magnate Al (Danny DeVito) are all head over hills for her. The company is culminated by the cute American guy Nick (Josh Duhamel) who she met at her sister’s wedding. All these men are ready to do the most surreal and pointlessly impressive things to be with her; however, Beth is more scared and uncomfortable than anything. At the end, she decides to return the tokens to all of them, even if this will cause Nick to leave her. What happens next? It’s a love story and it has a happy ending.

The final review verdict on this movie will be a lot different than the ones it has received by now. For me, it was a great way to have fun while passing the time. Of course, there isn’t anything about the essence of life and what it is all about, but you cannot expect the world mysteries to be unraveled in a love comedy.