Top places to visit in Australia

Australia is one of the interesting destinations to visit and it gives plenty of special places to view and it also provides unique nature and culture. The complete territory of Australia from islands, across the desert regions with unique nature and animal species to the different parts of the country, is fascinating and magnificent. Best places to visit in Australia are as shown below.

1. Sydney is the largest and famous city in this country and gives many interesting tourist places. The most popular are Sydney Opera House. This opera house is made by the Dutch architect namely John Utzon. Tourist people are permitted to look the backstage and the front side of the house. Other tour places near to this opera house are hunter valley; harbor highlights cruises, wineries, the marine aquarium and so on.

2. Perth city has a number of attractions from wildlife, sightseeing, and adventures to aboriginal dance and culture. Attractions which must be viewed in Perth our Perth mint, Perth Zoo, Lake Monger, Stirling Gardens, concert hall, and many others.

3. Tasmania is the location where you can have a break from the urban life. It is a special place for the holiday. The reason to visit this place can vary from Tasmanian culture and history, beautiful beaches, lagoons, and mountains; it is popular for beauty and wildlife.

4. Fraser Island is the biggest sand island in the world. You can also say it as hidden natural treasure. It is a home for endangered wild dogs species and other kinds of fish seen only in this country. By having beaches which appear like heaven is a famous holiday spot for a large number of people all over the globe.

5. Kakadu national park is considered as the world heritage place in Australia. It is stretching for above 200 km south and 100 km from east. This park contains rich native plants and wildlife.

6. Uluru is the biggest monolith rock and it is considered as world natural wonder. This place is regarded to be a normal activity at sunset and sunrise, during this time when the colors across the rock are seen altering its beautiful patterns.

7. Cairns is the primary entry place for great barrier reef. It is the largest coral reef and stretches more than 80 million acres. This place is the home to certain worlds sea organisms and you will have the chance to see the rare organism here.

8. Kangaroo Island is a peaceful place. In this island you can be very close to goannas, wallabies, kangaroos, koalas, dolphins, echidnas, sea lions, fur seals, penguins, whales, and eagles. It is interesting to hear a different sound that is made by these animals.

9. Adelaide is the well-planned city and gives plenty of attractions to the visitors. This place is ideal to get away and provides an interesting night life. You can also visit Adelaide hills, national parks. With one hour travel from Adelaide, you can visit Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale wine areas.

10. Jamison valley is popular for its excellent cable car tour. It contains a picturesque landscape which attracts a large number of tourist every year from both local and foreign countries.

11. Certain famous tourist attractions in Victoria like museums, Melbourne, gardens, parks, narrow valley wine country, great ocean road, mountains and historical towns etc are great places to visit.

12. Gold Coast is situated in the place known as southeast at Queensland, where good climate condition prevails at all time. Whether you visit Australia with your spouse, friends or family, you can be able to enjoy beautiful weather whenever you visit there.

Apart from experiencing good food, shopping and interesting entertainment in this country, tourist can explore different unique attraction in Australia. Tourist spots in Australia are highly hygienic and are aimed to present the sustainable tourism model to all over the world. It ranks higher in the world cultural offerings and quality of life. It is a developed country and it is best in different fields like health care, quality of life, public education, and human development index, protection of civil liberties, economic freedom and political rights. It is not enough to have one week to around Australia, so plan your time period of stay in Australia to explore the different destination in this country.