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If You Love Thin Mints, You’re Going To Lose It Over These Girl Scouts Thin Mints Pretzels

I'm listening!!!!

Some people adore the summer, while others pine for fall all year round, but I think we can agree that the best season is actually Girl Scout cookie season. It comes around once a year, typically between January and April, but there are ways to enjoy the flavors of your favorite cookies during other times, too. For those Thin Mints fans out there (hello, everyone!), did you know Thin Mint pretzels exist?

Chocolate-covered pretzels are already an ideal blend of sweet, rich, salty, and crunchy, and adding a minty flavor to the chocolate coating takes them up another notch. Have you ever finished a sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting? Same, and I expect I'd do the same with this bag of Thin Mints pretzels in front of me.

Girl Scout Thin Mints Pretzels
Girl Scout

The pretzels are an official Girl Scouts product and are double dipped in mint coating and dark chocolate. Better yet, the bag is one pound so you definitely have enough pretzels to go around. That is: You have enough pretzels to last at least two days, versus the one it takes you to finish a box of cookies.

You can find the pretzels on Amazon right now for $26. We can assume that hefty price tag on Amazon is thanks to the viral video from TikTok raving about the product, or the literal heft of the bag. The pretzels have a "best seller" tag on their Amazon listing, so it looks like everyone has noticed the hype. If you're *really* getting antsy for cookie season, consider also the Thin Mints almonds. Your pantry will thank you, that's for sure.

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