Starbucks' Halloween Drinkware Features A Witch's Cauldron Mug And So Much More

Double, double toil and trouble!

We should all be telling time by seasonal menu items. Ya know there's Shamrock Shake season, Chick-fil-A peach milkshake season, PSL season, gingerbread season—you get the point. That being said not only can we differentiate the seasons by the food available at our favorite chains, but for those who frequent Starbucks, the tumbler cups and mugs available in store are another viable tool to figure out where we are in the year. Right now, it seems Halloween is in full swing.

Since Starbucks is now allowing reusable cups to be filled in their stores (using a new method to eliminate person to person contact), their drinkware comes in handy for at home beverages and your morning coffee run. The Halloween 2021 collection does not disappoint and includes all things spooky, sparkly, and spiked.

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Designs include a black cat sitting in front of the moon on a tumbler cup, neon green and pink spiked tumblers, and vibrant purple and teal tumblers. For hot drinks, a travel mug with a white and purple background and black spiderwebs, cat silhouettes, and paisley shapes is also available. Mugs with pumpkins and one shaped like a witch's cauldron are also available on some Starbucks shelves.

@Starbucksnsunshine, who is located in Canada, posts photos of the Halloween collection whenever she comes across it at Starbucks. Keep in mind availability and prices may vary by location, a Starbucks rep confirmed to Delish. And remember Starbucks drinkware always goes pretty fast so if you see one you like you should go ahead and purchase it ASAP.

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