Hey, Parents! We're Hosting Free Digital Cooking Classes For Kids Twice A Week

Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday!

cooking together summer fun
Allie Folino

Heads up, parents—Cooking Together is moving! Delish's editorial director Joanna Saltz and her kids will be going live on Delish Kids Facebook every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm ET to share cook-along videos for you and your little ones. Or just you...we do not judge. Come back here each week so you can sneak a peek at what we'll be cooking (and make your shopping list). You'll find all of the exclusive recipes below—along with Joanna's three most important kitchen rules for kids.

1. Wash your hands, because clean hands are a a chef's best tool.

    2. Ask a parent or guardian before you use hot or sharp things.

    3. Always have fun!

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