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13 Mediterranean Diet Cookbooks For Beginners Or Long Term Devotees

The popular diet is influenced by many different cultures.

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Choosing which eating habits are right for you is a highly personal decision that can be impacted by your health needs, fitness goals, and overall lifestyle. You may be likely to simply type into Google "What are the best diets?" and see what comes up—and for those who have done that before, you've at least heard of the Mediterranean diet. This diet is inspired by the foods from countries that border the Mediterranean sea but is not characterized by strictly excluding food groups. Keep in mind there are 22 countries that surround the Mediterranean sea, so the diet is influenced by quite a few regions, cultures, and ways of life and includes a lot of variety so you can figure out what version of this diet works for you.

Generally speaking, the Mediterranean diet includes a lot of fruits, veggies, bread, grains, potatoes, eggs, olive oil, and fish, which are all good options for your overall health, according to the American Heart Association. Foods like red meats and decadent desserts are not as common on the Mediterranean diet, though food choices can be personalized to fit your preferences and needs, so when you feel like eating something sweet, you can always find something for your taste whatever it may be since diets are meant to be personalized. If you're considering trying out the Mediterranean diet, here are the best cookbooks to start with.

Want some inspiration while you wait for your cookbook to come in? Try these simple Mediterranean recipes.

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For Beginners
The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginner
Now 33% off

Starting is always the hardest part, and these 100 recipes are made for beginners. 

For Those With A Sweet Tooth
Mediterranean Every Day
Harvard Common Press
Now 41% off

As the title suggests, this collection of recipes will have you following your health goals all day, every day with meals like a one-pan sausage bake or a dessert like roasted figs with dark chocolate and sea salt.

For Those In A Time Crunch
The 30-Minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbook
Rockridge Press
Now 34% off

Only have 30 minutes to make your dinner? No problem—these 101 options are easy, flavorful, and will make you feel good.

For Meal-Preppers
The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook
America's Test Kitchen
Now 58% off

A whole host of these recipes will become your weeknight staples.  

Best. Greek Comfort Food
My Big Fat Greek Cookbook
Now 26% off

This book includes soul food recipes across all meals: appetizers, savory pies, minced meats, and more. 

For Vegetarians
Vegetarian Mediterranean Cookbook
Rockridge Press
Now 21% off

Vegetarians don't need to count themselves out of trying the trendy diet, and this cookbook includes more than 125 recipes to choose from. 

Most Variety
Mediterranean Diet Meal Prep 2021

From the photos on the cover, you can tell how diverse these 400 recipes will be, whether you want sweet, savory, or fresh.

Best Introduction To The Lifestyle
The 14 Day Mediterranean Diet Plan for Beginners
Rockridge Press
Now 31% off

For beginners who want to try out the Mediterranean diet for a short period of time before making a long term commitment, this book lays out a 14-day meal plan.

Mediterranean Kids Lunch Break

Iliana puts together over 60 kid-approved lunches and snacks that follow the Mediterranean diet. 

For On-The-Go Food Prep
Mediterranean Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook

If your days are hectic but you want to keep up with your new diet choices, this cookbook includes everything you can make in your slow cooker, so you can pop in the ingredients and go on with your day.

For The Air Fryer Obsessed
Mediterranean Air Fryer: 95 Healthy Recipes to Fry, Roast, Bake, and Grill
Rockridge Press
Now 36% off

Air fryers make everything easier, and these recipes can use the handy appliance to fry, roast, bake, and grill ingredients. 

For Those Who Follow Paleo
Mediterranean Paleo Cooking
Victory Belt Publishing
Now 50% off

The paleo diet and Mediterranean diet are pretty similar, but this book includes all gluten free recipes too. 

For The Person Who's Crazy About Keto
Essential Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet Cookbook
Rockridge Press
Now 21% off

Mediterranean diet dishes and keto-friendly meals don't have to be mutually exclusive, and these pages prove it. 

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