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All Chick-fil-A Fans Need To Watch This Chicken-Topped Cake Come To Life

It's unreal.

If you've been following Delish for awhile now, you know how far we've come when it comes to fast food-themed cakes. We've seen you through that Starbucks cake, a great Dunkin' masterpiece, a viral Taco Bell tower, and so much more. All of those creations came to you courtesy of the geniuses over at Caked Up Cafe, and—nobody panic—but we're back with another Delish x Caked Up concoction.

This time, my friends, we present to you: the Chick-fil-A cake.

The cake is a wild combination of cake batter, buttercream, fondant, modeling chocolate, and sugar, all of which comes together to form a themed base, a cow mascot, a full meal spread, and accoutrements.


Bakers start by splashing some water (yup!) onto the surface of a red fondant-covered cake. That adheres the fondant-carved logo and patterned napkin to the top. The Chick-fil-A cow—who is made of some spotted and painted white modeling chocolate, believe it or not—holds a fondant-painted "EAT MOR CHIKIN'" sign.

He's accompanied by a whole other cake, which is carved into a vague chicken patty-type shape before being covered in some chicken-colored fondant. Some edible (chicken-colored, of course) paint, a few black buttercream pepper flakes, and boom: a chicken sandwich is born.

That's all before some of the more intricate Chick-fil-A details that finish it all off. I'm talking waffle fries, pickles, dipping sauce, and more.

Watch it all come to life above and find it only at Caked Up Cafe.

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