Starbucks Has Two New Zero Sugar Creamers Inspired By Popular Drinks

Christmas came early!

I hope you're staying as caffeinated as needed these next few days, as you finalize your holiday plans and do all of your gift wrapping. It's the most tiresome wonderful time of the year, after all! That's where Starbucks comes in, typically, and the brand is debuting two new coffee creamers with zero sugar added so you can save your sugar high for the piles and piles of cookies I suspect you'll be eating soon.

The new creamer flavors are inspired by two popular beverages, Caramel Macchiato and Hazelnut Latte, and are available on grocery store shelves nationwide already. This means when you hit up the food aisles to get all of the flour, chocolate chips, and baking soda you need for your sweets for Santa, you can pick up some coffee creamer to help you start all of your days merry and bright.

Starbucks' Caramel Macchiato creamer is reminiscent of the sweet, buttery caramel and vanilla combination you know and love if you've ever ordered this drink from their menu, and the Hazelnut Latte version is rich and robust. Both bottles are great to have on hand at home to add to your iced or hot coffee or any other morning beverage you might enjoy—I love to add flavored creamers to my matcha, for example. Get creative with it!

If you're out and about and don't even have time to make your morning mug at home, you can stick pick up your favorite winter drinks from Starbucks locations. Perhaps an Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte or Peppermint Mocha is in your future?

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