Barefoot And Oreo Released A Wine Together For The Classiest Way To Snack

Fancy vibes only.

Chocolate and wine are a pairing as sweet as can be, but you don't often hear about wine and cookie pairings—that is, until now. Oreo Thins teamed up with Barefoot Wines for a unique collaboration that will class up the way you enjoy Oreo Thins, since the red blend wine was created to enjoy alongside America's favorite cookie.

Bottles of the wine are available in a small-batch release starting December 9 at Each bottle goes for $24.99, and they will be sold as long as supplies last. Whenever special collaborations like this come around, it's always smart to play it safe and place your order ASAP to ensure you get a bottle before they're gone.

Although the bottle may not taste like an Oreo Thin in liquid form—which is probably for the best, right?—the wine does offer hints of different aromas you may recognize from the cookies. The red blend includes flavors of chocolate, cookies, and creme, plus notes of oak, then natural flavors of blackberry and dark cherries for a smooth finish.

To give you the most ideal tasting experience, each delivery will come with two bottles of 750mL Barefoot x Oreo Thins Red Blend Wine and one package of Oreo Thins. This way, you can compare and contrast flavors and really enjoy your Oreo Thins in a more upscale manner. Take this as your sign that wine and cookies are totally acceptable together, which is comforting news as we head into the Christmas cookie season. Praise be.

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