Publix Is Open On Christmas Eve For Last Minute Groceries

Procrastinators unite.

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Procrastination is a habit that runs deep. Once you've successfully pulled off a school paper, gift-shopping excursion, or dinner party in a race agains the clock, it's a tough thing to unlearn. For those who like to live life on the edge, planning for your holiday cooking is probably no different, so you'd probably like to know what grocery stores will be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas. We can tell you with confidence that Publix will not be open on December 25, but you can probably stop by on Christmas Eve for any pressing needs.

Publix has closed down shop on Christmas Day every year throughout the brand's 90-year history so employees can spend the holiday with their families and loved ones. On Christmas Eve, it's a different story, though, because Publix stores tend to stay open with limited hours so last-minute shoppers can get what they're looking for.

Typically, Christmas Eve hours are until 7p.m., which gives everyone enough time to start cooking and realize they forgot something mega important that they need to pick up at the store. Like butter for all the cookie baking! Or syrup for Christmas morning pancakes!

The day after Christmas, Publix will be back to business as usual, so if you have any Christmas parties or gatherings happening after the big day, or want to start prepping for New Year's Eve, you can totally pick up a Pub sub or two for your crowd. What better way to finish off the holiday season than that?

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