Oreo Is Releasing Two New Flavors — Ultimate Chocolate and Toffee Crunch — To Kick Off 2022

New year, new cookies. 🙌

Oreo never fails to create new innovations that leave our taste buds watering (and a little apprehensive). Just recently, Nabisco unveiled the Barefoot x Oreo Thins Red Blend Wine, but it has been a hot minute since the beloved cookies have come in a new flavor. Have no fear, the new year is (almost) here! And with that will come two varieties we’ve never seen before.


Chocolate lovers are in for a real treat with the new Ultimate Chocolate Flavor Creme variety. It features not one, not two, but three (!!!) layers of creme flavors, including white, milk, and dark chocolate. When you pair them with the traditional chocolate wafers, you’ll definitely hit your chocolate quota for the day. The only unfortunate thing about these cookies is that they’re a limited-edition offering, which means once they’re gone, who knows if they’ll ever come around again.

The second new Oreo flavor, however, is a permanent addition to the lineup. Toffee Crunch Flavor Creme starts with the traditional chocolate wafers as well, but this one has toffee-flavored creme with sugar crystals to add an extra crunch. Toffee is a cousin of caramel, so you may prefer that route over the chocolatey Oreo. Who are we kidding? We’re trying both.

“Be on the lookout for the Ultimate Chocolate Oreo cookies coming early January,” a Nabisco affiliate said on a Twitter Space from Oreo’s official account on Dec. 15. “Toffee Crunch Oreo cookies will also be hitting shelves early January. Both of these flavors will be available nationwide, so be on the lookout in the new year and you’ll have to let us know what you think.”

The triple-layered variety and sugar crystal-filled cookies will be available in January 2022, which is a solid way to start the year. Let’s hope that this is just the beginning of many more tasty snacks to come from Oreo!

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